Our book “Guitar Through the Centuries” published.

Gitara kroz vekove, Evita i Stevan JovicEvita i Stevan Jovic, Gitara kroz vekoveAfter three long years of research and hard work, we are so happy to announce the publication of our book, “Gitara kroz vekove” (Guitar Through the Centuries)!!!! What began as a goal to create a concise handbook on guitar history became a 236 page trip through the evolution of the guitar from ancient times to modern day – complete with never seen before photos of historically significant instruments and over 200 biographies of the composers, guitarists, vihuelists and lutenists who helped make our instrument what it is today. A special thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, Rasko Radovic (Asocijacija Gitarista Vojvodine – our publisher), Prof. Ira Prodanov, Prof. Zoran Krajisnik, Prof. Milos Janjic (reviewers), Ivan Glišić (editor), Dusko Jovic (proofreader) and Branko Jovic (cover graphic design and processing). We hope this book will be a great resource to all guitarists and guitar lovers of Serbia and are so proud that it is finally printed and ready for all of you to enjoy!

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